Our Red wines run from mild fruitful flavors to very oaky flavors with intensities that will capture your attention. We are serving, Cab, Shiraz, Nebbiolo, Kerubim and other blends.


We are now serving Gewurztraminer, Riesling. and our highly demanded Brisa Sauvignon blanc with Kiwi Pear. Come experience the great magnitude of their tastes.


Our two reds blends, Cab-Syrah and a semisweet Cab-Sy-Zin are available.

Come and taste these two super wines. You will love them.  The Patriarch of Valpolicella, our Amarone, is also ready after sooo long.

PORT Type wine

We did a test with a Brandy fortified Chocolate port and sadly sold so fast that we could not keep up. We will be producing it again soon.


Our Cabernet franc is a dessert wine, completely diffrent from the white ice wines. Its strawberry like aromas and flavors will captivate you.

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